My 2 cents on the museum

Continuing the discussion from ReNFT Museum Initial proposal:

This is the realization of the role ReNFT will assume in the future, bridging the gap between the ephemeral and the durable, while also establishing it as the progenitor and steward of the garden it’s cultivating. By creating and curating a museum, ReNFT can secure a central role for itself within the NFT art community as a benefactor. So it isn’t based on leverage or power, but on contribution and responsibility, which is the ethos of defi. I think it’s a great idea. I think we should consider having people volunteer as docents, and they can stay abreast on all the info about art and artists, and they can give themed tours (cutting edge, obscure, historical, arcane, etc.). Anyway, I’ll think more about it and see if I have anything else to contribute. Thanks, guys.