Renft mintable contracts

We have the opportunity to set up a fairly easy to use subscription protocol that could be implemented by literally any content creator with an eth wallet.

What is a subscription service other than agreeing to rent access to a content creators repertoire for as long as you continue to pay the creator the agreed upon amount?

If we were able to standardize a contract that other people could make with the ReNFT protocol so that other individuals could leverage it to allow for peer to peer subscriptions that would be a huge service to the world at large while also drawing a lot of eyes to the rent protocol.

Our proposal
Create a standard plug and play version of a content rental contract that other people would be able to make for themselves, and create a marketplace where individuals could enter into those contracts with the content creators.

You could go to (or some other better name) and search up your favorite content creator. After finding Renfter227 you could brows their rental options
teir1: 1 dai a month + 12 dai collateral gets a teir1 2021(or what ever the current year is) pass for Renfter227’s content
teir2: 5 dai a month +70 dai collateral gets a teir2 2021 pass with everything available to the tier 1 pass with extra stuff only for tier 2 or above.

and so on and so forth.

after deciding what level you want you could print your own nft and establish a peer to peer content rental agreement.

this could work great because even with issues about defaulting there is already the concept of longer term subscription i.e. just paying for a year up front, and if creators just switch to a new sign in nft each year it shouldn’t be an issue.

Closing thoughts.
This is an opportunity to create real decentralization away from places like patreon or other companies of the like and towards a more peer to peer vision of how content creators are funded on the internet. Please let me know what you think/ what would make this idea better.