ReNFT Museum Initial proposal


This is a proposal towards the Dao to establish a ReNFT Museum managed and operated by the ReNFT Dao

Why make an NFT Museum

  • NFT art has garnered enormous attention in the last few years but without framilier analogues to real world experiences, the NFT space will struggle to find adoption amongst wider audiences.
  • By providing things like curated collections of art, sponsorships for contributing artists, access to private auctions, etc We can court institutional buyers and sellers of real world art into the NFT art space.
  • Tickets could be sold at a discount if bought in $RENT giving us some buy side pressure.
  • Given we have control over the selling platform we would have options such as layer two scaling for reduced fees as opposed to open platforms like opensee and rarible.
  • Possible future in actual art dealing with NFTs that represent the legal right to a piece of Real World Art

Our proposal

  • Build a ReNFT Museum Website where the Dao can curate a collection of NFTs rented from artists by the Dao.
  • People will be able to view curated works after purchasing a ReNFT museum ticket and have exclusive access to bid on pieces.
  • If a piece is sold by the Dao the artist receives the escrowed collateral, a percentage of the sale over the collateral, as well as a ReNFT Museum Verified Seller(MVS) NFT that serves as a lifetime pass to the museum (may also give other bonuses suggestions encouraged).

Funding amount

TBD after $RENT Mainnet, will likely be decided purely by Dao Vote

Decision Making

  • The Museum would be fully and wholly an object of the Dao.
  • List of possible vote topics
    • What art pieces get put in the museum and up for auction
    • What artists should be sponsored
    • What the cost of tickets should be
    • Perks of the MVS NFT
    • Possible integration of ReNFT Genesis NFTs (lifetime pass for auction, better renting rates for artists holding the NFT, etc…)

Why fund this?

ReNFT is going to change the game with NFTs, the ability to rent and lend out Art on an immutable blockchain is going to revolutionise the business for good. The IRL art world and the Internet Art worlds are colliding and being able to provide the time tested model of real world art assets to the NFT space will grant enormous potential for growth for the Dao both in capital and name.

The online Art industry is evolving at a rapid pace and ReNFT has a chance to be first in and best dressed.

ending note

This is a work in progress proposal, please post suggestions or improvements if you have any. I’m really looking for community involvement.


I don’t see an online museum having a impact, but if it was a physical museum that is linked to renft token than that would be a hit. 1.physical museum with frames made exclusively for renft (frames can be sold as well for people looking to showcase it; for example at home or in their work place) 2. Renft coffee shop within the museum. 3. tickets like you said above but physical as well. 4. auction is online only.

By doing so renft can introduce a whole lot of people to the cool world of nfts, if its online the reach is limited to people who are already familiar. (get the ones on the outside of the whole crypto/nft world)

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Cant it be a virtual nft museum ? or is that what you meant in your proposal? like with avatars? or is that too much… each avatar can have his favorite nft on the tshirt and inside the museum people/nft platforms can rent out virtual frames to showcase their nfts. Exclusive Nft drops at certain time that will require people to actually log in to purchase. maybe have also hall of fame, vote on communities favorite nft; which in turn will be placed on a huge frame for example and whoever owns can get incentive or something, which in turn makes people want to interact. make the museum rewarding and more interactive.

I’d love to see a physical location one day, for now I am more focused on a digital space that would be accessible to the whole crypto space. One good middle ground might be a VR museum that people could “physically visit” in so as much as that is possible on the internet. I do definitely like the idea of personalized frames, that could be something associated with the MSV NFT

I love the Idea of a hall of fame composed of art bought by the Dao itself!

That is an awesome idea! Could be a really nice way to discover the world of NFTs, even for people who are not familiar with the topic.

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