Welcome to reNFT

Hi everyone!

We’d like to welcome you to reNFT’s open forums , where you have the freedom to type your ideas, questions and most importantly, proposals. On the homepage you will see our topic relative forums, we ask that you keep the relevant conversations encased correctly.

This project is based on the DAO approach, and we aim to use this medium for relevant discussion. $RENT will enable DAO members to vote on proposals within the DAO. Decisions made by the DAO include examples such as:

  • Fund continuous development efforts of new product features and implementations
  • Provide grants to developers participating in the DAO
  • Change protocol parameters
  • Marketing materials including content creation, management tools, software and other marketing expenses
  • Vote on new hires/new member proposals

Its an open community, meaning people share opinions.
We ask that you follow the reNFT Rules :

-Respect others opinions
-No foul language
-Governance focused discussions
-No external shills.

Other than that, we are a transparent, highly motivated & focused team. We welcome all opinions and take everything on board.

For more information on reNFT, check out our

reNFT Project Proposal